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Photo Gallery

Live Like A Celt

  • Life in ancient Britain
    guided by your Celtic Host

  • Bracelet Making
    and natural dyeing with Lavina

  • Craft with the Potter
    to make your clay pot

  • Making Pots
    Take part in one of our pottery workshops

  • Meet the Warriors!
    and learn battle secrets

  • Face Painting

  • Owl Training!
    meet the Great Grey and Eagle Owl

  • Warrior Techniques
    try your own shield wall

  • Welcome to the Roundhouse!
    by Bronwen

  • Face Painting

  • Grinding

  • Owls

  • Pottery Making

  • Warrior Training


  • Bracelet Making

  • grinding grain on quern stones

  • sieving and grinding flour

  • Outreach schools

  • Outreach Warriors

  • Outreach Roundhouses

Archery Barn

  • 3D Targets

  • Barn

  • Boy and Bear

  • Dinosaur

  • Boys hit the target

  • Boys and Bear

  • Girls hit the target

  • Girls Shooting

  • Girls shooting

  • Party Girls hit the Owl

Longbow Archery Course

  • Child

  • Field Archery

  • Experienced

  • Field Archery

  • Graham

  • Hitting The Target

  • Group

  • Roving

  • Lady

Beltane 2015

  • The Celtic Twins
    High energy reels to relaxing harmony singing

  • Grinding grain
    Grind grain to make flour for your Bannock Bread!

  • Have a go Archery
    Have a go at Archery in the Hunting Zone!

  • Meet our Warriors
    Meet our Celtic Warriors Owain and Angus!

  • Roundhouse Building
    Help to build the Roundhouse

  • Meet the owls
    Meet the owls!

  • Seax Sword Fighting
    sword fighting as part of warrior training with Seax

  • Spoon Carver
    Celtic Knot Rubbings with John Adams the Spoon Carver

  • Facepainting

  • Bushcraft Camp
    Friction Fire Lighting with Graham from Polaris Adventure

  • Costume Storytelling

  • Clay pots

Stone Age Day

  • Around the fire

  • Firelighting

  • Fire Lighting
    Fire Lighting demonstration in the Chieftain Roundhouse.

  • In the Den!

  • Den Building

  • Den Building

  • Den Building

  • Hunting & Gathering

  • Soap Knapping
    Pupils can make their own Arrow Heads out of soap using the process of flint knapping.


Things to do

  • Archery
    Take part in Have A Go Archery

  • Facepainting
    Most events include facepainting

  • Barny
    Watch the owls in training

  • Warrior
    Learn to be a Warrior

  • Family
    A perfect Great Day out for all the family

  • Lunch
    Refreshments and light lunches are available

  • Owls
    Get close & personal with the owls

The Heritage Centre (coming soon)

  • The Great Hall in The Prehistory Centre

Brownies meet Quarnie

  • Brownies Meet Quarnie

  • Are you a Quester?

  • Shot put Celtic style

  • Tug of war

  • Little Heath Beavers
Samhain 2015

  • The Samhain Festival

  • Have a Go Archery

  • Music during the Samhain procession

  • Our Celtic women

  • Warrior Demonstration

  • Whats A Face Facepainting

Wild Sleep Out

  • Sleepout at the Camp

  • Girls in the Bell Tent

  • Fire Breathing

  • Family Campers

  • Bell Tent

  • Costume Storytelling

  • Bell Tents

  • Fire Breathing

  • Moth Hunting

  • Owl

Clan Sleepover

  • Chieftain Roundhouse

  • Storytelling

  • Small Roundhouse

  • Moths

  • Firebreathing