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Day Trips

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Iron Age Lesson Plan

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Farmer Day KS2

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Learn hands-on from our Millers, Weavers and Herbalists as you travel from early Neolithic farmers to Iron Age technology!

  • Grind Grain & Bake Bread
  • Weave on Warp Weighted Looms
  • Cook and Dye with Herbs
  • Trade for grain and logs!


Farmer Day with Manuden School

Traders (Trading in the afternoon has two parts:)

Part 1: your class will swap real artefacts as they role play as Iron Age characters and use numerical problem solving in the trading game to barter for a wide range of goods.

Part 2: your pupils will enjoy Trading with Celtic coins, by swapping their pocket money for Catuvellaunni coins to trade for the more precious produce in the shop, with a wide range of heritage produce supporting local craftsmen.

This exciting day will help you work towards many curricular outcomes. Iron Age hill forts: tribal kingdoms,farming,art and culture.

Farmer Day

'The children loved it, they benefited from the hands-on activities and immersive nature of the day and the environment of reconstructed roundhouses.' Ruth Taylor, UCS Junior June 2017

'The opportunities to participate in activities as the Celts would have done were incredibly beneficial. Lots of children will have learned far more about the natural world through doing rather than listening.' Lauren Line, De Havilland May 2017

Price £15 per student

  • Adult Helpers FREE
  • A full day of hands-on challenges from 10am until 2.30pm/3pm
  • Ratio of 1 adult helper to 8 Children

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War Painting

A pupil having her face painted with Celtic Symbols.

Grinding Grain

Pupils grinding grain with Quern Stones at a School Farmer Day.


Pupils trading at a School Farmer Day.

Group Weaving

Pupils weaving at a School Farmer Day.

Herb Garden

Pupils learning about herbs and plants in the village's Herb Garden at a School Farmer Day.

Grinding Grain

Pupils learning to live in the Iron Age at a School Farmer Day.

Girls Weaving

3 girls weaving at our Carding, Spinning and Weaving activity at a School Farmer Day.

Bread Making

Dough Making