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Hi my name is Ryanna!

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PREHISTORY: Hands-on Book

An educational book, inspired by Celtic Harmony


A creative journey into Ancient Britain.

Ryanna lives in the late Iron Age. In this book she travels back to the Neolithic period - and finds out about earlier Stone Age life while she's there.

On her way home she visits the Bronze Age, before returning to her own time. During her journey she makes new friends, sees how people once lived and finds out how they made things.

The photocopiable activities can be done at home or in the classroom using easy-to-come-by, inexpensive materials.

The timeline at the end of the book can be made into a frieze, and there is a section on how to find out about local prehistoric sites.

Get a head start on teaching the NEW prehistory National Curriculum with this activity based book from the prehistory experts! 

Activities include:

  • Create a cave painting

  • Make a Bronze Age sword
  • Cook like a Celt

  • Build a model coracle

  • Make your own torc

 & many more exciting activities for home or school.

  • Fascinating facts about Stone Age houses, Bronze Age burials and prehistoric travel
  • Local history and archeology
  • Photocopiable timeline of British 

Guarantee your class an exciting introduction to prehistory,  planned for you by our experts, based on the new National Curriculum.

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'The book has been central to the planning for our year 5 Stone Age to Iron Age topic. It has provided us with a framework of things to cover, as well as some brilliant resources that the children (and staff!) have loved. Thank you!' Sarah Wilcox from Cooks Spinney and Primary School Harlow

"This is a fantastic resource, breathing life and energy into ancient history!  The layout and balance of text and graphics makes it engaging and accessible, and the range and variety of activities encourage children to learn actively.  The content is sufficiently detailed to meet the needs of the intended audience, without overwhelming either child or adult readers."  Liz Pollard, Headteacher, Codicote C of E Primary School

"A fantastic, fun and informative book. Great cross-curricular links and ideas to bring history to life. Perfect for the new curriculum!" Vicky Langan, Histor Coodinator, Morgans School, Hertford.





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