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Stone Age Day KS2

Neolithic Hunter Gatherer Pre-History topic Stone Age Day

Discover the Excitement of Exploring & Learning in a Woodland Environment

Suitable for pupils KS2 7 years old+


Please note: to make an even greater experience for your pupils as part of Celtic Harmony education days all staff members delivering education are in heritage period appropriate costumes.


Your pupils will experience a range of exciting activities in various stimulating settings including:
  • Introduction in the stone age encampment
  • Friction Fire lighting talk and display
  • Den Building in the Woods
  • Soap Flint Knapping
  • Hunting and Gathering in the Forest.
  • Trading

Traders (Trading in the afternoon has two parts:)

Part 1: your class will swap real artefacts as they role play as characters and use numerical problem solving in the trading game to barter for a wide range of goods.

Part 2: your pupils will enjoy Trading with Tagua, by swapping their pocket money for coins to trade for the more precious produce in the shop, with a wide range of heritage produce supporting local craftsmen.

Read a teacher's report of their day.


Stone Age Days at Celtic Harmony


What did you like best about your Stone Age Day?

"All the activities were enjoyed by the children, and it gave those who lack confidence in the classroom a chance to flourish." - Furneax Pelham, Sept 2016

" The grounds were fantastic and the hands-on activities helped improve team work." - Hazelwood School, Sept 2016

Price £13 per student

Adult Helpers FREE
A full day of hands-on challenges from 10am until 2.30pm
Ratio of 1 adult helper to 8 Children

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  • Around the fire

  • Firelighting

  • Fire Lighting
    Fire Lighting demonstration in the Chieftain Roundhouse.

  • In the Den!

  • Den Building

  • Den Building

  • Den Building

  • Hunting & Gathering

  • Soap Knapping
    Pupils can make their own Arrow Heads out of soap using the process of flint knapping.