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Celtic Harmony Camp offers a full day of hands-on challenges from 10am until 2.30pm/3pm for up to 150 children per day Monday to Friday. Enquiries for larger groups are welcome and are dealt with on an individual basis.

Please note we have changed our booking procedure a £30 non refundable deposit is required in order to complete your booking.

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Children will have a unique opportunity to trade and role play using real artefacts in the Numeracy Challenge, they are Farmers, Hunters, Miners etc. and trade for goods of different values. Then the children use Maths to convert their trip pocket money into reproduced Celtic coins, to choose a souvenir from the Trading Post. In order for the children to take part in the Numeracy Challenge, please ensure that they bring pocket money to trade in the shop, as the two activities are run together (suggested spending money £2 – £5). If you prefer we can prepare gift bags in advance for a certain value. Please note You must notify us in advance if you don’t wish to do the trading.

  • Ratio of 1 adult helper to 8 Children
  • Minimum number 25 pupils or £375
  • Woodman Day £13.00 per student
  • Hunter Day £15.00 per student
  • Stone Age Day £15.00 per student
  • Farmer Day £15.00 per student
  • Prehistory Experience £20.00 per student
  • Warrior day £20.00 per student
  • Chieftain Day £24.00 per student
  • Residential: Prehistory Explorer £119 per student
  • Residential: Prehistory adventure £199 per student
  • Residential: Go Tribal £199 per student
  • Celtic Clan Experience for Group £15.00 per participant
  • Adult Helpers and Carers FREE on day trip

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