Hunter Day

Hunter Day

Target Audience:  Key Stage 1

Activity Overview:

Discover the Excitement of Exploring & Learning in a Woodland Environment. The day meets many cross-curricular objectives such as Houses & Homes, Micro organisms, mental arithmetics, animals and their Environment, Beliefs, responsibility for environment.

Please note: to make an even greater experience for your pupils as part of Celtic Harmony education days all staff members delivering education are in heritage period appropriate costumes.

Your pupils will experience a range of exciting activities in various stimulating settings including:

  • Den Building in the Woods
  • Grinding on Quern Stones & Making Salt Dough Arrow Heads
  • Hunting and Gathering in the Forest.
  • Trading with Celtic Coins

Traders (Trading in the afternoon has two parts:)

Part 1: your class will swap real artefacts as they role play as celtic characters and use numerical problem solvingin the trading game to barter for a wide range of goods.
Part 2: your pupils will enjoy Trading with Celtic coins, by swapping their pocket money for Catuvellaunni coins to trade for the more precious produce in the shop, with a wide range of heritage produce supporting local craftsmen.


“Den building benefited the children’s learning the most as we’re in central London so hands-on activity and learning outside in a woodland setting was great!” – Sophie Rollins, Connaught House, July 2018

£15 / Student

Adult Helpers FREE
A full day of hands-on challenges from 10am until 2.30pm/3pm
Ratio of 1 adult helper to 5 Children

Hunter Day

Hands-on education

Great activities which gave all the children a chance to join in. They’ll be delighted with their bracelets. The children have really enjoyed it and are motivated and interested in our Celts topic now. - H Berkerey, I Greeves and R Oxley

Teachers, Wood End Academy

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