Remote Learning: Stone Age 

90 minutes in the Stone Age

Our costumed educator will take your pupils on a virtual glimpse of life in the Stone Age to inspire your Prehistory topic with 90 minutes of remote learning direct from Celtic Harmony Camp including 3 live presentations, Q&A session and a workshop activity of your choice!

Experience life as Stone Age Hunter Gatherers

  • Explore the Palaeolithic Cave to see how paints were made and animals portrayed on the cave walls
  • Discover how Neolithic Hunter Gathers made tools in our Neolithic dwelling,
  • Watch the Friction Fire lighting display
  • Questions and Answers, during this session your pupils will have the unique opportunity to engage in a live discussion

You will receive lesson plans to support the remote learning with objectives, resources and a list of materials that you can find in your school art cupboard.

Workshop Activity

Choose an activity guided by our educators.

  • Stone Age necklace (wool, skewers and air-drying clay)
  • Beaker Pottery (air-drying clay and skewers)
  • Cave Painting (card and chalk)

Pre-session Telephone Meeting

You will offer a Free 15 minutes pre-session meeting to enable us to tailor the remote learning to the needs of your pupils and to talk through how best connect to the google meet in your class. You will need the following:

  • A Google account
  • A smartboard or a projector connected to the audio system, please ask your Tech person to set these up before the Live Streaming.


“All activities were engaging, informative and fun! The children loved all of the activities. The flint activity was very detailed and gave the children lots of new information.” Matt Cleaver, Castle Newnham, September 2019

£7 / Student

Minimum cost per session is £210/class
Special price for larger group,

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“Being outside doing hands-on activities is why we love coming here. All of the activities are great because they will remember them.”

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